Muslim students can pray in schools: German court

An administrative court in Berlin ruled that Muslim students should be allowed to pray in schools during their breaks, a paper said Wednesday.

Muslim students can pray in schools: German court
Berliner Zeitung paper said that the rule taken Tuesday came after a 14-year-old Muslim student sued his school for not allowing him to pray.

Spokesman of the court said the student and seven other Muslim pupils used to pray during the breaks and that the school's administration called their parents to tell them to stop doing so, stating the state's utilities should not witness such use.

The ruling does not apply to the said student only, but to all Muslim students across Germany, he added.

He stressed that practicing religious rituals is an important part of the religious freedom and that praying in school during breaks does not harm the school or its teachers nor does it cause any inconvenience or hamper the educational process.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 Mart 2008, 10:09