Muslims Celebrate Prophet's Birthday

Muslims worldwide celebrated on Sunday, April 1, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) with mass and colorful processions, streets' decoration, lectures, public speeches.

Muslims Celebrate Prophet's Birthday

Muslims worldwide celebrated onSunday, April 1, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be uponhim) with mass and colorful processions, streets' decoration, lectures, publicspeeches and poetry readings.

"Today, we are being humiliated in the world invarious realms which is because of our refraining from the teachings of ProphetMuhammad," President Pervez Musharraf said in a message to the nation.

"To attain benediction before Allah Almightyand the blessings of Prophet Muhammad and also to gain success in the world, weneed to review our deeds in the light of moderate and great teachings ofIslam."

Tens of thousands of Pakistanis took part incolorful parades in major cities and towns to mark the anniversary.

Streets were decorated with bunting and small modelsor replicas of the Prophet's tomb and the Ka`bah, the Muslim holiest shrine.

People carrying white and green flags and bannerspraising the prophet marched through the streets.

Prophet Muhammad was born in present-day Saudi Arabiaaround 571 AD on the 12th day of the Rabi` Awwal, the third month of theIslamic calendar.


In Brunei,an oil-rich southeast Asian country, the sounds of cannons echoed in thecapital Darussalam marking the celebration.

A mass procession led by Brunei Sultan HasanalBolkiah and his royal family covered a total of 4.3 kilometers along the mainstreets of the capital.

The Sultanate of Brunei has a population of lessthan half a million, hailing mainly from Malay origin and 90 percent of themare Muslims.

In Singapore,Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Lim Swee Say joined Muslims'celebrations.

He said the event demonstrates the special featuresof Singaporean society where all religions co-exist in a multi-racialenvironment.

Muslims make up around 15% of Singapore's 4million people.

In Muslim Asian heavyweight Malaysia, morethan 10,000 people participated in the national-level Maulidur Rasulcelebration parade at the Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex.

The crowd turned up as early as 8am.

The colorful procession was led by Minister in thePrime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Abdullah Md Zin and Domestic Trade andConsumer Affairs Minister Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal.

Muslims make up nearly 60 percent of Malaysia's 26million people.

In Bosnia,mosques, Islamic institutions and study-centers celebrated the prophet'sbirthday with lecturers and speeches by key speakers.

In a lecture organized by the college of Islamicstudies in Sarajevo,Dean Dr Enes Karic said Prophet Muhammad is a role for all Muslims, stressingthat Muslims could learn many lessons from the biography of the prophet.

Karic also called for following the positiveexamples set by the Prophet during his lifetime.

Besides holding lectures and public speeches,numerous Islamic organizations in Bosnia celebrated the occasion withreligious songs and reciting poetry in praise of the character of the Prophet.

The celebrations are expected to go on through nextweek.

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