Muslims, Jews unite against gay rally

Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem joined forces to resist a gay rights rally due to be held in the city next Friday, The Telegraph reported

Muslims, Jews unite against gay rally

Religious leaders from both faiths united to condemn the "gay pride parade", which triggered several protests by ultra-orthodox Jews, who consider homosexuality an "abomination".

Ultra-orthodox Jews have protested in Jerusalem nearly every night over the past week, burning barricades, blocking roads and assaulting police officers in an attempt to force the authorities to call off the march.

Six Israeli policemen have been wounded and about 60 protestors arrested in the recent riots, police said.

According to the Telegraph, Israeli police ordered 12,000 officers to deploy across Jerusalem during the rally after Ultra-Orthodox Jews threatened those who'd take part in the march.

Police also found and defused a bomb bearing the message "sodomites out".

It's worth mentioning that an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabbed and wounded three participants at last year's rally.

Meanwhile, a top member of Israel's ultra-Orthodox community, Rabbi Shmuel Pappenheim, told AFP that a group of rabbis plan to place a Kabbalistic curse on the rally.

Far-right Israeli activists similarly prayed for the death of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, a few days before he was killed by a Jewish extremist for trying to make peace with the Palestinians

Reports say Jewish and Muslim lawyers are wrangling at the High Court over whether the rally should be allowed to take place and, if so, where.

However, it appears that the march would take place as scheduled, but at a new location near the parliament, which is far from Orthodox neighborhoods.

Many religious Christians, Jews and Muslims regard homosexuality as a great sin and say that the march is an affront to the sanctity of the holy city.

Israel's Industry and Trade Minister Eli Yishai described the rally as an "abomination on the streets."

"As a citizen, I filed a request to the supreme court against holding the abomination on the streets of the city... This is an explosive belt that could rattle the entire Middle East," Yishai told the online news website Ynet.

Yaakov Cohen, an MP from the United Torah Judaism party, also denounced the march, saying: "This isn't the gay pride parade but the disgrace parade."

And Ben Yizri, an MP for the ultra-orthodox Shas party, part of Israel's ruling coalition, said: "We believe God will be very upset."

Jerusalem's Islamic leadership is also opposed to the rally, with Tayseer Tamimi, the head of the Palestinian supreme council of Sharia litigation, saying: "This march tries to destroy the moral and spiritual values for youths."

"All religions discredit gays because it is against the decent human nature created by God," he stressed.

Source: Aljazeera Magazine

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