Muslims threaten to abandon Srebrenica

In a serious step towards justice, the Srebrenica Muslims, returning after the 1995 massacre, are threatening to leave the town for good if their demands are not met by March 14th.

Muslims threaten to abandon Srebrenica

After the International Justice Court ruled that Genocide did take placein the eastern part of Bosniain 1995, the returning Muslims demand to be granted special administrativestatus within the Bosnian-Herzegovnia's constitution.

That wasn't the only complain by the returning Muslims; they also added thatthe economy has been dead for the past 11 years since the war ended andunderdevelopment swept the place.

The RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik expressed his apologies to the victims andannounced that the government is doing everything to improve life and economyfor all the Srebrenica citizens.

Dodik declared that an institution would be established to research thegenocide and added that this institute will "with a sufficient dose ofresponsibility and objectivity, provide a scientific assessment of all theevents that took place earlier, with the aim to acquaint younger generationswith everything that took place in this area".

However, he noted that giving Srebrenica Muslims a special status withinRepublika Srpska is not attainable.

Even though the Muslims gave the authorities until mid-March to tackle all thepreviously mentioned concerns, Dodik decided to deny that genocide took place,only promising to allocate extra funds to the neglected town.

"You can't put a price on the denial of genocide; we wouldn't budge even if theSerb Republic allocated its entire budget toSrebrenica," Sadik Ahmetovic, a Srebrenica politician, was quoted by Reuters assaying.


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