Nasrullah criticizes Lebanese forces accuses them of Zionism

Hassan Nasrullah said that those who works or think among the Lebanese forces of getting rid off Hizbullah in collaboration with the Americans are considered "Zionist, Israeli and Sharonian."

Nasrullah criticizes Lebanese forces accuses them of Zionism

In a speech he delivered on Sunday in Beirut, Nasrullah explained "our roots are extended deep into our homeland and nationalism and we have enough determination and might that can convert the dreams of those into mirages. And the one who wants to get rid of Hizbullah will be redeemed because this will not be in the interests of Lebanon rather for the interest of Israel."

The leader of the Hizbullah party said that the ministerial statements of the Lebanese government deals with Israel as an enemy, noting that some in this government say that Israel is no longer an enemy.

Nasrullah added that the ministerial statement consider Shabaa Farms as Lebanese and should be liberated while statements issued by the commission of the "March 14 forces" group state that the resistance should prove that the Shabaa Farms are Lebanese so as to legitimize it.

Nasrullah accused the majority in the Lebanese government of not abiding by anything of the policies of the basic and strategic ministerial statement. He stressed that the return back of the ministers of the Hizbullah party and Amal Movement to the cabinet sessions should be by the commitment of all to what was stated in the government's ministerial statement.

He considered that the outlet for this governmental crisis is by the resignation of the government in order to form a national unity government or conducting early elections.

It seemed that Nasrullah statement came in reaction to criticism of Syria's opposers who want to disarm Hizbullah from weapons.

For his part, the leader of the socialist progressive party, the Druze leader Walid Junblat said he will not accept what he called "the Tehran alliance" at the expense of Lebanon's dignity and sovereignty.

Source: Arab News

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