New Turks head to the Polls

A segment of Turkey's foreign residents will be heading to the polls this Sunday to cast their votes as recent Turkish citizens. Others are just beginning the process to gain the right to vote.

New Turks head to the Polls
There is a group of voters in Turkey that no party has targeted in this year's election campaigns: recent Turkish citizens. Coming from a variety of national backgrounds, it would be difficult for any one candidate to attract these voters. However, these 'new' Turks bring a fresh and important perspective to the Turkish political scene, eager to have a voice in shaping their new homeland's future.

The Turkish Daily News spoke to a variety of 'new' Turks and long time foreign residents who are in the process of acquiring citizenship to take a pulse of the foreigners' community in Turkey.

Some 'new' Turks with the right to vote said they would not make it to the polls because they could not make up their mind, while many who wish to cast a ballot for the party they think would best represent them in office have not gone through the necessary bureaucratic loops in order to gain citizenship.

The TDN even caught a new Turkish citizen with his ballot in hand. Nigerian native Adeboye Animasaun, 34, who has lived in Turkey for seven years, became a Turkish citizen last year after marrying a Turk. He tried to cast a vote, and would have succeeded were it not for a flight he had to catch. Animasaun was at the airport when the TDN found him on his way to Nigeria. Though he is not very interested in politics, he is aware of the parties and candidates. He thinks opposition parties just criticize the government and do not say what they will do in office. "We at least know what the AKP does," said Animasaun.


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