New US report on Iran won't influence Czech radar talks

The US intelligence report, which said Iran had halted its nuclear arms programme in 2003, would not influence the ongoing bilateral talks on placing the US missile shield radar on Czech soil, the Czech Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

New US report on Iran won't influence Czech radar talks
"The defence (system) is against missiles, it is not anti- nuclear," Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek told the lower house of parliament.

Contradicting allegations by George W Bush's administration, the report released Monday concluded that Iran had ended its programme to develop nuclear weapons in 2003 and appeared less determined to obtain a nuclear bomb than was believed in 2005.

"That corresponds with existing estimates," the Foreign Ministry statement said. "The European pillar of the anti-missile defence system should be build within that time span."

"The report refers to the nuclear programme, not to the programme of the development of missile carriers. That programme still continues," the Ministry statement added.

Earlier this year, the Czech Republic and the United States entered into negotiations on two treaties, which will outline the conditions under which the Czech Republic would host the radar in a military area southwest of Prague.

Despite adverse public opinion, the Czech centre-right government supports the US plan to place a tracking radar and 10 interceptor missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland.

The fate of the missile shield radar on Czech soil will likely be decided by the Czech parliament in mid 2008 after the bilateral talks end.

The government has yet to find clear support for the project in the closely-divided lower house, where it can muster a majority of two votes.


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