'No legal basis for another UN resolution'

Iranian nuclear negotiator Vaeidi said that following the latest report by IAEA, there would be no legal basis for imposing a new United Nations Security Council against Iran.

'No legal basis for another UN resolution'

Following the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), there would be no legal basis for imposing a new United Nations Security Council against Iran, a senior Iranian official said Saturday.

"The IAEA report showed that all outstanding issues over Iran's nuclear programmes have been settled and there is no reason to keep the Iranian dossier at the UN Security Council," deputy chief nuclear negotiator Javad Vaeidi told Al-Alam news network.

"At least after the IAEA report, everybody is aware of the fact that if the UN Security Council issued another resolution, such a resolution would have no legal and technical basis," he added in the interview.

According to the IAEA report, Iran has resolved most outstanding issues of its nuclear past within the joint work plan, but alleged studies on weaponization still remained a "matter of serious concern" to the UN nuclear watchdog.

As usual, Iran ignored the critical parts and just focused on the positive ones with chief nuclear negotiator Saeid Jalili even terming the report a "national achievement reflecting the smart resistance of the Iranian nation and decisiveness in safeguarding its international rights."

State television network IRIB on Saturday broadcast special programmes exposing the report as a "victory over Iran's enemies," namely the United States.

Jalili was quoted Saturday by Tehran press as saying that Iran did not care about the US government, "especially as in the US itself even the (presidential) candidates are just talking about change."

With parliamentary elections coming up next month, the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also tries to use the nuclear issue as part of an election campaign for the pro-Ahmadinejad faction.

Iran considers the IAEA as the only authorized international body to deal with the technical aspects of the nuclear dispute and calls on a return of the Iranian dossier from the UN in New York back to the IAEA in Vienna.

"In line with the IAEA report, the Iranian dossier should now be normalized again in the IAEA and we expect to be treated like the other IAEA members," Jalili said.
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