No need for keyboard anymore

Startup EPOS Technologies has unveiled a smart pen based on USB Flash Drive technology which enables to write without keyboard.

No need for keyboard anymore

EPOS, based here, claims its digital pen and USB Flash drive could replace bulky laptops and tablet PCs in meetings and classrooms. The smart pen can be used to capture and store notes or sketches in real time. Users can later download stored information on their computer. The device also can be used as regular flash memory to store music, image, video and other files.

EPOS has also developed a wireless digital pen and mouse based on its digital acoustic 3D positioning technology. The product enables users to wirelessly capture and display handwritten notes on a PC, point and click with full mouse functionality, draw and share sketches digitally via e-mail and messaging applications and transfer handwritten notes to text.

Digital positioning technology is based on the transmission of ultrasonic acoustic waves between devices. A transmitter sends a unique ultrasonic signal to a receiver, constantly updating its position. The receiver uses the signal to estimate the time it takes the acoustic wave to travel from a wireless terminal to the receiver. Each EPOS receiver is designed to "hear" up to 96 different wireless terminals.

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