'No one supersedes Hamas in preserving Muslim'

The Well-known Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, political leader and aspirant in the Movement's list for the PLC elections Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar stressed that his Movement

'No one supersedes Hamas in preserving Muslim'

was and will remain paying attention and concern to the issue of Jerusalem more than anyone else, affirming his Movement's adherence to the unity of the historical Palestinian lands.

"We in Hamas have an alternative program that shuns dealing and negotiating with the Israeli enemy that usurped our lands and massacred our people. Our alternative is our Muslim and Arab depth that will remain, despite some negative remarks, better than the Israeli enemy", he added.

He stressed that the resistance will have new and firm dimensions if Hamas wins the elections, rather than abandoning this option as others would like to think.

Meanwhile the change and reform bloc's contestants continued their active participation in the election campaigns as well as mingling with Palestinian electorates so as to acquaint them with the bloc's political program and agenda.

They stressed that Hamas will shoulder the trust with all the power it has, and will strive hard to exterminate corruption and security mess in the Palestinian arena.

"We are with you and beside you, wherever and whenever you need us you will find us at your service. We will plant the principles of love and brotherhood among all our people in order to enjoy safety and security", the candidates affirmed.

"We aim out of this participation to put an end to monopolizing the Palestinian political decision-making by one party. We want to enhance political pluralism so as to salvage our people and our country from the predicaments they were suffering", said Dr. Salah Al-Bardaweel, the Movement's candidate in Khan Younis.

Meanwhile, Gazan prominent families affirmed loyalty to Hamas as representatives of those prominent families assured the Movement of their votes during the elections citing honesty, aptitudes, and trustworthiness of its aspirants among other merits.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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