Norwegian artist unveils Antarctica 'ice bridge'

Norwegian artist Vebjorn Sand unveiled an ice bridge made of frozen Antarctic water at a ceremony on the UN headquarters grounds late Monday to highlight the threat of melting glaciers resulting from global warming.

Norwegian artist unveils Antarctica 'ice bridge'
"Welcome to Antarctica," the Norwegian painter and public art creator told a small crowd gathered in crisp weather on a plaza on the UN grounds as he took the wraps off his exhibit entitled "Antarctica: On Thin Ice."

"I am trying to say that Antarctica must never melt because this is a piece of Antarctica," he told AFP, two days after 190 nations sealed a deal, at a climate change summit in Indonesia, fixing a 2009 deadline for a new treaty to tackle global warming.

The ice sculpture, based on a Leonardo da Vinci design and expected to melt here in a week, is similar to one Sand built on Lambert Glacier, the world's biggest, in Antarctica a year ago.

"It's ice from Antarctica. It's (a replica of) a bridge I built in Antarctica last year on the glacier that must never melt, " the Norwegian artist said, pointing out that Antarctica is estimated to lock up 75 per cent of the world's reserves of fresh water.

Sand said he planned to build a similar ice structure in a different city every year to dramatize the risk of melting glaciers due to climate change.


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