'Now Even Human Rights Activists Need Protection'

Organization for Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People (Mazlumder) Chairman Ayhan Bilgen said that even human rights activists need protection nowadays.

'Now Even Human Rights Activists Need Protection'

Mazlumder is one of the few non-governmental organizations in Turkey monitoring human rights on all levels.

Bilgen is being tried under Turkey's now-notorious Article 301 for speaking out on an ongoing criminal case involving public figures and police officials.

Bilgen is accused, under Article 301 item 2, of "publicly degrading Turkey's judicial organs and security forces," for saying the dismissal and transfer of Van prosecutor Ferhat Sarikaya from his post was not legitimate.

Bilgen lamented the spread of injustice in the world and pointed to new understandings of security and human rights in the post-September 11 period.

He said that even Europe had taken a step back in human rights conceptions and the importance of the individual

Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Eylül 2018, 18:16