NZ teenager arrested for international cyber crime

New Zealand Police arrested an New Zealander accused of being the brains behind an international computer-crime operation, Detective Inspector Peter Devoy said Friday.

NZ teenager arrested for international cyber crime
Devoy said New Zealand Police were alerted by the FBI of United States almost a year ago about investigations into a Botnet, which is where a virus hijacks another computer so the hacker can control it.

The teenager, 18, whose cyber name is Akill, has not yet been charged.

Devoy said it appears Akill had control of the Botnet and was one of the main people working with co-conspirators in the United States.

He believed a number of computers in this country were hit by the Botnet.

The Botnet is also believed to have been responsible for a Distributed Denial of Service attack at a Philadelphia University last year.

A number of computers have been seized over the last few days and forensic analysis may lead to further investigations elsewhere.


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