Obama wins world Democrats vote

Barack Obama, the US Democratic presidential candidate, has won the party's poll for voters living outside the country, giving him an 11th straight victory over Hillary Clinton.

Obama wins world Democrats vote
The Democrats Abroad organisation said that Obama won about 65 per cent of the vote in countries and territories around the world, with Clinton winning 32.7 per cent.

The global primary results were cast between February 5 and February 12 and announced on Thursday.

The result means that Clinton has not won a nominating contest since "Super Tuesday" more than two weeks ago.

Voters took part at centres in more than 30 countries, by mail and fax and also for the first time via an online voting system.
Online votes were cast from 164 countries, the organisation said, including Antarctica, where a researcher at the US scientific mission at McMurdo cast his vote.

"With the US image so badly damaged by the present administration, American Democrats living overseas were eager to have their voices heard," Christine Schon Marques, international chair of Democrats Abroad in Geneva said in a statement.

"Across the board we saw an enormous diversity in participation, including many first-time voters."

Obama won 2.5 delegate votes while Clinton won two delegate

An additional 2.5 delegate votes will be determined at the Democrats Abroad Global Convention in April.

Democrats Abroad also holds 4 superdelegate votes, the organisation's website states.


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