OIC to Call TRNC 'Cyprus Turkish State'

The Organization of Islamic Conference's (OIC) steps to remove the political and economic isolations on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) continue.

OIC to Call TRNC 'Cyprus Turkish State'

Following the Foreign Ministers, the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (PUOIC) acceptation of TRNC, currently at observed as "The Cyprus Muslim Turkish Society," the republic will take part in the union with the title of "Cyprus Turkish State".

The 4th PUOIC Conference that started at the Conrad Hotel Wednesday ended with the final manifesto issued yesterday. Turkish Parliamentary Speaker Bulent Arinc, in the statement he made after the closing, announced that a draft to name Cyprus termed as "Cyprus Muslim Turkish Society" in PUOIC as the "Cyprus Turkish State" has been unanimously passed.

Upon being asked "What does the definition of Cyprus Turkish state mean in terms of recognizing of TRNC as a state?" Arinc answered: "It is just a decision taken by the PUOIC. This term is mentioned in the plan of the UN Secretary General as well. This does not mean these countries will "recognize the Cyprus state" from now on. We are not at that point. The decision we have taken does not mean this."

OIC Foreign Ministers had taken the same decision at the 31st Term Foreign Ministers Meeting held in Istanbul in 2004.

Diplomatic sources say the decision does not mean a recognition or acknowledgement, but it will make it easier for TRNC to establish dual relationships.

Arinc, mentioning the issue of developing economic cooperation with the TRNC is also in the final manifesto, said the declaration calls the international community to take concrete steps in removing the isolations on Cyprus.

The document read "PUOIC welcomes the Action Plan announced by Turkey in 24 January 2006."

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