One million support for Pal. captives MPs

Petition campaign started by the initiative of Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH) for Palestinian MPs held captive in Israeli jails to be released finished and reached the number of 100.001.211 signatures.

One million support for Pal. captives MPs

By Bilal Öylek, World Bulletin

In order for Palestinian MPs held captive in Israeli jails to be released, signatures over one million have been obtained in the petition campaign started by various volunteer foundations such as Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH), The Foundation of Volunteer Organizations of Turkey (TGTV), Union of NGOs of Islamic Worlds, Organization for Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People (MAZLUMDER) and Human Rights Association (IHD).

The result of the campaign has been declared in the press conference today. "One million petitions" campaign started on 2, March 2007, exceeded the targeted number and as of today, reached 100.005.092 signatures with great interest of Turkish people.

IHH Chairman Bülent Yýldýrým, AK Party MP and Turkey-Palestinian Interparliament Friendship Group Chairman Hüseyin Tanrýverdi, Istanbul MP Hüseyin Kansu, Adýyaman MP Ahmet Faruk Ünsal, Palestinian ambassador to Turkey Nebil Maruf, Secretary General of TGVT Ayhan Ogan and Lawyers Association Chairman Atty. Necati Ceylan attended in the press conference that took place in Feshane.

IHH Chairman Bülent Yýldýrým thanked the people of Turkey for showing intense interest in the petition campaign. Yýldýrým said, "One million petitions" campaign started on 2, March 2007 for Palestinian captive deputies to be released has successfully ended. The petition campaign was conducted over about 40 cities and 100 districts for one month. Thousands of volunteers and people signed the petition in order to show their response against the illegality done over the will of friend Palestinian people."


Stating that "Captive swap between occupier Israeli administration and Palestinian administration is about to finish.", Yýldýrým said that the fact that the petition campaign reached one million target in these days showed us the strong establishment of conscious towards violiation of the human rights in the Turkish public opinion.

Bülent Yýldýrým said any new legal process might not be started since the campaign's target would be achieved in case all the deputies included in the captive list Palestinian administration offered Israel are to be released.

Many world leading presses followed the press conference that declares the campaign's ending that even some Israelis signed it.

In the press conference followed by big agents such as Reuters, Al Jazeera, Bülent Yýldýrým also stressed that "But in case some of captive deputies are still in Israel jails, the necessary legal actions, which are the second stage of the campaign, will be conducted in the Grand Assembly of Turkish Parliament (TBMM), Europe and United Nations."


Palestinian ambassador to Turkey Nebil Maruf said, "We thank organizers for the one million petition campaign for Palestinian parliament and people. This campaign shows us the importance of the support Turkish people gave to Palestinian cause. It is for all the Palestinian people to be defended. It is a support for our honor cause. I want to express my thanks and gratitude to those who organize it and support it by signing. We will not let Israelis get success in Palestine. It is our and your duty to defend the holy sites and values in Palestine. I thank first IHH Chairman Bülent Yýldýrým and all the organizers and supporters. I hope we will be loyal to our word that we meet in Quds and I wish to meet there."

AK party Manisa MP and Turkey-Palestinian Interparliament Friendship Group Chairman Hüseyin Tanrýverdi, said that the petition campaign was for contributing to world peace and UN had to have some duties for this effort to be yielded positive results.

Among the captive deputies are 10 politicians who are held in jails in previous years and became deputy while they were in jail and also 27 deputies and 8 ministers who were arrested one year ago. Deputies, one of which is speaker of parliament, have since been held captive in jail due to being "treat of safety". The total number of the politicians is over 40. One year has passed since the politicians were arrested in Israel which there are now a total of 9.400 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.

The number of the signatures per city in the one million petition campaign in Turkey are:

Adana 1 408
Aðrý 10 098
Alanya 1 694
Ankara 28 568
Balýkesir 1 840
Batman 10 000
Bursa 27 743
Çanakkale 6 138
Çankýrý 2 420
Denizli 5 852
Edirne 1 920
Erzincan 3 828
Erzurum 12 316
Gaziantep 4 434
Giresun 880
Hatay 9 492
Hopa 660
Isparta 1 056
Ýnegöl 14 212
Ýstanbul 347 500
Ýzmir 8 450
Kahramanmaraþ 5 390
Kayseri 39 575
Kilis 440
Konya 46 940
Malatya 27 302
Mersin 9 284
Muðla 1 364
Nevþehir 18 062
Rize 4 862
Sakarya 28 226
Sivas 11 562
Tatvan 350
Tekirdað 946
Urfa 2 200
Uþak 110
Van 6 358
Zonguldak 8 406

Total signature on stands: 711 886
Total signature online: 289 325

Total signature number: 1.001.211

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