Online signature support for captive deputies

Online signature campaign has been started to support for Palestinian ministers and members of parliament who are currently detained in Israeli prisons.

Online signature support for captive deputies

By World Bulletin Staff

The statement made regarding the campaign that can be joined by using the internet address said that Palestinian people are in prison without walls and also their deputies are in jail. Recalling that Israel which launched military operations in the Gaza Strip and West Bank after economic and political embargoes, killed lots of civilians, the statement said,

"Israel arrested 27 members of parliament and 8 ministers. Since then members of parliament, one of whom is the Chairman of the Assembly, have been kept in prison due to being "threat to safety". Total politicians numbers who are currently in prison including ten politicians who were arrested in the previous years and elected while in prison has exceeded the number forty. One third of the Palestinian parliament and one fourth of the board of ministers are now being held in Israel jails and thus the ability of the government and assembly is hindered."


The statement added that, "Almost a year has passed since the over detainments of members of parliament, and there are still nine thousand four hundred Palestinian political detainees in Israel. However, there seems to be no slight movement sign in the world public opinion, neither among colleagues in other countries nor in the UN, of disapproval."

It stressed that, "whatever their life visions are, it is the Palestinian public that has elected the mentioned politicians and thus the treatment meted out to them is actually an insult to the public. It is time for sensitivity in order to free the members of parliament and ministers, and show respect to the election of the Palestinian public. None of the parliaments of any country or the representatives of any nation has ever been insulted like this. The Palestinian public does not deserve it. We, as civil society organizations in Turkey, repeat our call to free the legal representatives of Palestine while reminding the general public one more time that the way to peace in the Middle East depends on the Palestine issue."

The statement announced, "A platform has been established with wide participation from within civil society with the purpose of supporting Palestinian representatives, saying that "we invite all responsive politicians, civil society organizations and community representatives to support this campaign."



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