Opposition: Madrid Bans 'Sex' Web Search

Conservatives governing Madrid's town hall have installed a filter that blocks lawmakers from doing Internet searches for words such as sex or sexuality, opposition Socialists said.

Opposition: Madrid Bans 'Sex' Web Search
Angeles Alvarez, the Socialists' top official for gender equality issues, said she recently tried to check on a Spanish-run reproductive health campaign in Latin America. When she typed the word 'sexuality' in a search engine, a denied-access warning flashed on her screen.

"Our access to channels of information is cut simply for using the word sexuality," she told reporters on Thursday. Another town hall councilor, David Lucas, also reported running up against the firewall.

A town hall official denied Friday there was any new filter in the building's computer server, saying the system simply blocks access to porn sites.

Computer searches with words such as sex will give access to pages about sex education and health issues but not smut, the official said on condition of anonymity because of town hall policy barring his name from appearing in the media.

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