Pakistan lawyers to strike daily

Lawyers in Pakistan have announced they will be holding a daily one-hour strike from Thursday until the country's chief justice is re-instated.

Pakistan lawyers to strike daily

Lawyers in Pakistanhave announced they will be holding a daily one-hour strike from Thursday untilthe country's chief justice is re-instated.


Hundreds of lawyers have taken to the streets in protestsince the Pakistani president suspended Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry last Friday.

Pakistan'ssuspended top judge challenged a judicial panel considering complaints againsthim at a hearing on Tuesday, his lawyer said, as opposition swelled to thegovernment's move to sack him.

Human rights observers condemned the closed session ofquestioning in Islamabadon Tuesday and the lack of details about the allegations against him.

 The US-based Human Rights Watch group said the move hadcreated a constitutional crisis and undermined the independence of thejudiciary.

 House arrest denied

Chaudhry has been confined at his home in Islamabadsince Friday, with police blocking most access to him, although the governmenthas denied he is under house arrest.

 On Tuesday he was moved to a government guest house beforebeing taken to the supreme court in the capital under tight security.

The government said on Friday that the Supreme Judicial Council would inquireinto "numerous complaints and serious allegations" against Chaudhry,APP news agency reported.

The state-run agency also cited "misconduct and misuse of authority".

Kamal Hyder, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Islamabad, said: "The charges againstthe judge are primarily of nepotism, that he tried to help his son through hisinfluence, a charge which people say should be levelled on many otherministers."

 Lawyers protest

Lawyers across the country have staged angry protests since the governmentdecided to suspend Chaudhry.

 Pervez Musharraf's government has not released any detailsof the allegations against the judge, but analysts said the actionmight be related to his efforts to make the authorities account for people whohave disappeared after being taken into custody.

 Aitzaz Ahsan, a former law minister, told a crowd of about200 lawyers and opposition supporters outside the supreme court: "We aredemonstrating because the judiciary has been defamed by this governmentaction."

Opposition political parties are calling for a national strike on Friday insupport of the chief justice. 

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