Pakistan lifts ban on YouTube: official

Pakistan has lifted a ban on YouTube after the video-sharing website removed content that was offensive to Islam, a telecommunications official said Tuesday.

Pakistan lifts ban on YouTube: official
Authorities in the Muslim country ordered the blocking of the website at the weekend, but the move prompted worldwide problems with access for a few hours.

"We have issued instructions to all Internet service providers that YouTube should be unblocked as the specific content has been removed by the website," Pakistan Telecommunications Authority spokesman Khurram Mehran said.

YouTube was not immediately available to confirm whether it had removed the material, which the PTA identified as being insulting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)that were republished by Danish newspapers earlier this month.

The authority earlier said the website would remain blocked until YouTube had removed the "highly profane and sacrilegious footage".

YouTube said overnight that it was working to ensure there could be no repeat of the worldwide protests sparked by Pakistan's actions.

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