Palestinian academic: Hamas will overcome all storms

Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Kasým expressed his conviction that Hamas would overcome all pressures.

Palestinian academic: Hamas will overcome all storms

The well-known Palestinian political science professor Dr. Abdul Sattar Kasim of the Najah University (the biggest Palestinian University) in Nablus city expressed his conviction that the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, would overcome all political storms and pressures it was now facing, and would ultimately rally the Palestinian people behind its program.

"Indeed, effects of Hamas' victory will cross the Palestinian borders and cause tremendous political changes in the region in the coming few months as it was the first Islamic Movement to ascend to power over the past 100 years through democratic elections", Kasim said in an interview with the Quds press agency.

He described Hamas as a "disciplined" Movement with qualified leadership that follows clear direction and objectives, indicating that the Movement will be successfully able to prevail over all pressures and hindrances placed before it, including those imposed by the US, Israel, some Arab countries, and certain Palestinian internal elements opposed to the change and reform process and the return of the Palestinian issue to its Arab and Muslim dimensions.

"The Palestinian arena will definitely witness rooted changes in moral, social, cultural, and political aspects that will all pour in favor of Hamas and its program in rallying the Palestinian people and its energies to retrieve the usurped Palestinian legal rights", he added.

"The Palestinian people right now are interested in improving their day-to-day life as they suffered a lot of the erred practices as a result of ten-year-old Fatah hegemony. Malicious rumor-mongers spread frightening stories that the Palestinian people will die of starvation and no salaries will be paid", he underlined.

Kasim anticipated that the next cabinet structure will be technocrat with Islamic orientation close to Hamas' ideology, opining that there will be no pro-US minister in the next cabinet line-up, flaying what he described as the "uncalculated" Fatah decision of refusing to join any future Hamas-led government.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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