Palestinian man calls Tony Blair 'terrorist'

Tony Blair is hated for approving the 2003 invasion of Iraq and pro-Israel foreign policies.

Palestinian man calls Tony Blair 'terrorist'

Palestinian man on Tuesday called Tony Blair "terrorist" visiting an al-Halil mosque, Reuters news agency said.

"Bodyguards subdued a Palestinian man on Tuesday as he approached European Union Middle East envoy Tony Blair, shouting "You are a terrorist," the report said.

The incident happens as the former British prime minister was visiting an ancient mosque during an official trip to the West Bank city of al-Halil (Hebron).

The protester was backed into a corner by guards who tried to silence him.

"He is not welcome in the land of Palestine," the man shouted.

Blair, 56, is hated for approving the 2003 invasion of Iraq and pro-Israel foreign policies.

Israel occupies Palestinian lands for decades and now faces UN war crimes report that particularly details Israel's alleged war crimes during the Gaza offensive that nearly 1500 Palestinians killed.


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Strappara - 11 yıl Before

Blair brings shame on us all & on the EU. He failed to promote or further the European ideal whilst Premier of his country and to date the UK has neither adopted Schengen nor the Euro. He promised the British Electorate a referendum on Europe but again failed to deliver. Britain remains outside the European mainstream because of Mr Blair’s failure to commit to Europe. His part in the illegal war with Iraq make him wholly unsuitable for this post. An Iraq War Enquiry currently being held in Britain is facing calls for those found responsible to face War Crimes charges. He has callously used his warrior contacts to secure extremely lucrative consultancies in vulnerable countries and his record as Middle East Peace Envoy is laughable. The StopBlair online petition is approaching 40.000 signatures and don't forget the millions across the world who demonstrated against him and Bush in 2003. Blair at the head of Europe would be a travesty.