Palestinian Premier Advices Journalists to be Neutral, Objective

Haneyya urges journalists to be neutral, objective in reporting news

Palestinian Premier Advices Journalists to be Neutral, Objective

The PA premier, Ismail Haneyya, has urged Palestinian journalists and other media apparatuses working in the Palestinian lands to be more neutral, objectives, and to thoroughly verify the news before reporting them, stressing that his government was widely sanctioning freedom of expression.

He also called on Palestinian journalists to play their national duty in unmasking the unjust economic embargo imposed on the Palestinian people and its elected government with the aim of aborting the first true democracy in Palestine and the entire region.

The premier's statements came during an information symposium organized by the Thurayya foundation in the Grand Palace hotel in Gaza Monday that was attended by large numbers of PLC members and representatives of local and foreign media apparatuses.

A survey conducted by the foundation showed that a great majority (94%) of the Palestinian people was watching local TV stations.

The symposium came out with a bundle of recommendations, including transforming national media establishments into a public authority to be supervised by the PLC and the Palestinian courts.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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