Peace with Sri Lanka govt impossible: Tamil Tiger chief

The leader of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels declared in an annual speech Tuesday that peace with the island's "genocidal" government was impossible.

Peace with Sri Lanka govt impossible: Tamil Tiger chief
In a furious attack on the island's Sinhalese majority, Velupillai Prabhakaran accused the south of "trying to destroy the Tamil nation" and threatened "serious consequences" for the armed forces.

"It is unleashing unthinkable violence against another people. It only desires to find a solution to the Tamil question through military might and oppression," he said of his ethnic rivals.

The reclusive rebel leader said the current government "is never going to realise that the Tamil national question cannot be resolved by military oppression.

"All the Sinhala political parties are essentially chauvinistic and anti-Tamil. To expect a political solution from any of these southern parties is political naivety," Prabhakaran said.

He also vowed his rebel army would strike back after a difficult year, which has seen the LTTE ejected from the east of the island.

The government, he warned, was "over-confident of its military victory over the Tamil freedom movement."

But he said successive Sri Lankan governments have "always misunderstood our freedom struggle (and) consistently under-estimated us."

"The Sinhala military has fallen yet again into the net we spread and it is now forced to commit large numbers of troops to rule land without people. Caught in a territorial trap, it will soon be forced to face the serious consequences of its misguided ambitions."


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