Philippines mulls to open shelved nuclear plant

The Philippine government is considering to open the country's only nuke plant, which has been shelved for over 20 years over safety reasons, local media reported Friday.

Philippines mulls to open shelved nuclear plant
"We should keep the option (of operating the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant or BNPP) open," local television network GMA News quoted Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes as saying.

Reyes said nuclear-generated energy is eyed at a time when the government spends more and more on imported oil and coal while it battles hard to fight global warming caused by excessive greenhouse gas emission.

He said a multi-national expert team from International Atomic Agency (IAA) has visited the 24-year-old Bataan plant, the only nuke plant in the Philippines, for a feasibility study to open the dormant site for operation.

But Reyes insisted long years are needed before the actual start of nuke plant operation.

"It's still a long way to go. The feasibility study alone would take two years and putting the plants into actual operations will take another five years," he said.

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was built in 1970s in order to solve the country's energy crisis. The plant was completed in 1984 with a rough cost of 2.3 billion U.S. dollars. But the plant has never been put under operation due to a lingering scandal of funds encroachment and safety concerns.

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