Pigs' heads at Australian Islamic school site: spokesman

Two pigs' heads were found at the site of a proposed Islamic school on Sydney's outskirts Wednesday, the school's backers said.

Pigs' heads at Australian Islamic school site: spokesman

An Australian flag was draped between the two heads, said Jeremy Bingham, spokesman for the Quranic Society.

"Someone has put a couple of stakes in the ground with a pig's head on the top of each stake and an Australian flag inside," Bingham said.

"The police are treating it as a crime scene and making investigations."

Earlier this month about 1,000 people attended a meeting to protest against the proposed school in Camden, in Sydney's far southwest, while a cross was previously found on the grounds.

Members of the Quranic Society were "a bit upset by it, a bit offended by it", Bingham said.

"Obviously you have got a sick individual (behind the act)," he said.

But he said it would make no difference to a planning proposal going through the local council, which the backers expect to be approved early next year.

The state government's Community Relations Commission condemned the latest protest as "a mindless act".

"This insult and display of hatred is not something any fair-minded Australian would approve of," said commission head Stepan Kerkyasharian in a statement.

Parts of southwestern Sydney are now heavily populated by Middle Eastern migrants, many of them Iraqi Muslims.

The backers of the school, which would cater to about 1,200 pupils, hope it will open in 2009.

The Quranic Society says it is simply trying to provide a school where the children of group members can get a good education and religious instruction.


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