PKK acknowledges Turkey strike, claims no casualties

A leader of PKK on Sunday acknowledged the Turkish military's attack on the group's bases inside Iraq after initially denying it, but claimed there had been no casualties.

PKK acknowledges Turkey strike, claims no casualties
On Saturday, Turkey said it had inflicted heavy casualties on a group of "50 to 60 terrorists" inside northern Iraq, and the PKK leader denied there had been any attack that day.

But in his latest comment, again speaking under cover of anonymity, the leader acknowledged the strikes but denied they had caused casualties.

"There were helicopter strikes along the (Iraq-Turkey) border, but we suffered no casualties," he claimed.

A number of Iraqi Kurdish officials from northern Iraq had also denied the Turkish attack took place.

The Kurdish regional government of northern Iraq and Baghdad have yet to comment officially on Ankara's claims.

Turkey's Anatolia news agency reported that combat helicopters had targeted various locations in a bid to prevent PKK militants from returning to their bases inside Iraq.


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