PM addresses nation like 'President'

During the speech where he addressed the nation on Saturday, PM Erdogan has stressed common objectives of the nation and the spirit of presidency rather than political performance of his party.

PM addresses nation like 'President'

Erdogan's choice of words during his speech last night has reminded everyoneof the last speech de Gaulle had made years ago before becoming the Presidentof France.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has used an attractive style during hisaddress to the nation on Saturday night.

The PM, surprisingly, did not mention the polemics AKP has been goingthrough with the opposition party CHP for the first time.

Giving 45 speeches to the nation since he came to duty, Erdogan had alwaysmentioned the problems with the opposition party and criticized formergovernments.

Contrary to his previous speeches, Erdogan neither criticized formergovernments nor mentioned or blamed the opposition party.

Instead, he has given different messages this time; emphasizing theimportance of union and suggested Turkish nation to walk for the same futuretogether.

Erdogan's speech has reminded political circles of the speech de Gaulle hadgiven right before he was elected president in France.

De Gaulle had also stressed the spirit of union during his speech in 1958before elected president.



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