Poland speaker says Warsaw to recognize Kosovo

Warsaw is likely to recognize the sovereignty of Kosovo, Poland's parliamentary speaker told journalists on Sunday.

Poland speaker says Warsaw to recognize Kosovo
"I believe that Poland will be among those states to recognize the independence of Kosovo, guided, in principle, by the fact that no one has found an effective way to bring together two mortal ethnic enemies," Bronislaw Komorowski told journalists.

Poland's stance, he went on, was that of the majority of EU member states.

Kosovo's parliament was convened for an emergency session at noon (11 a.m. GMT).

"We have to take decisions on the future of our nation," Prime Minister Hashim Thaci told reporters.

Celebrations were going on in Pristina, the capital, and in many other cities in the Albanian-dominated region as the long-awaited unilateral declaration of independence loomed.

The U.S. and many European countries have said they are ready to recognize Kosovo.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 Şubat 2008, 18:04