President of Sri Lanka's irrational stance is unacceptable

Amid reservations and uncertainties over resuming the peace negotiations with LTTE President Mahinda Rajapakse unilaterally rejected the demand for a separate Muslim delegation yesterday, according to media reports.

President of Sri Lanka's irrational stance is unacceptable

This unexpected move from the country's supreme leader, particularly in a crucial time, received shocking response from the Muslim community.

Norwegian special envoy Erik Solheim and LTTE's chief negotiator Anton Balasingham are due to arrive in a short time and the much talked all party conference starts today. At this crucial juncture President's irrational stance is unacceptable and should be vehemently condemned. The same Rajapakse repeatedly promised a separate delegation for Muslims during the election campaign. At the moment that assurance has become a political gimmick.

Excluding separate Muslim delegation in terms of a possible demand for a separate Sinhala delegation, the Presidents justification, is illogical, especially in a multiethnic country. Sinhalese people have enough representation in all the frameworks of the government machinery. The concept of separate delegation is not an overnight idea. It is the substantial mechanism to ensure security and political aspirations of the Muslims. It has been spearheaded by the entire community and evolved as a sensible political demand throughout the past years.This demand has an obvious historical justification. More than six thousand Muslims lost their lives. At least 75000 Muslims were ethnically cleansed from the five districts of the Northern Province.

The ethnic question is not a bilateral problem. It's a trilateral issue. Hence, disregard the Muslim aspect is a historical blunder. Scholars of conflict analysis often emphasize the early warning system. If an amicable solution is necessary it's baseless to ignore the Muslim point of view. Accommodating diverse opinions is essential to settle any dispute. Hence, a lasting peace is cannot be a selective peace. It must be a peace for all the citizens of our country.

Source: Muslim Guardian

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