Pressures on Palestinians Become More Critical

PA cabinet holds emergency meeting, flays international mute.The PA mini-ministerial council held an emergency meeting.

Pressures on Palestinians Become More Critical

The PA mini-ministerial council held an emergency meeting headed by the PA premier, Ismail Haneyya, Sunday to deliberate latest political and military developments in the Palestinian arena amidst the escalated military assault on the Palestinian people.
The cabinet, in its meeting, affirmed the "unquestionable" right of the Palestinian people in defending themselves, lands, and honor amidst obvious international "feebleness" to bridle the Israeli occupation government.

The meeting surprised the international community's "unjustified" silence towards the continued IOF troops' intensified hostilities and daily killing of the Palestinian people as the council decided to send the PA foreign minister to an Arab tour to recruit political and financial Arab support to the Palestinian people.

The PA government reiterated that it wouldn't compromise ant legal right of the Palestinian people or give up any of its national constants, demanding the US and EU to decisively take a stand against the continued IOF troops atrocities in stead of blackmailing the Palestinian people.

"The PA government is going to recruit all internal and external energies and capabilities as well as all global powers and institutions working for justice to participate in aiding the Palestinian people and break the US, EU and Israeli siege imposed on it", said Ghazi Hamad, spokesman of the PA government.

Hamad asserted that his government has asked the UNSC to convene an emergency meeting to deliberate, and take action against the latest Israeli military aggressions.

Palestinian resistance armed wings had earlier affirmed that it would reprise to the Israeli crimes in a tit-for-tat, vowing to hit painfully in the Israeli depth. 

On the other hand, The Israeli government says it has severed all ties with the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority, declaring it a "hostile entity".

However, the government will maintain contacts with Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, although it has ruled out full peace talks with the leader of the Fatah faction.

The decision was announced after a security cabinet meeting on Sunday.

In a statement issued after the meeting Ehud Olmert, the acting Israeli prime minister, also said his government would shun foreign diplomats who meet members of the Hamas administration.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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