Prince opens cancer centre

The Prince of Wales has visited a pioneering treatment centre for cancer sufferers and their families.

Prince opens cancer centre

Charles officially opened the Penny Brohn Cancer Care unit at Till, near Bristol, which has led the way in offering complementary therapies to people living with the illness.

The state-of-the-art ?12 million centre was founded by breast cancer patient Penny Brohn in 1980, and pioneered the Bristol Approach, which sought to take care of patients' spiritual and mental wellbeing as well as their physical health.

Cancer sufferers from all over the world flocked to the centre to take advantage of the complementary therapies, self-help techniques and nutritional advice, which have already helped thousands of people to cope with living with cancer.

Charles sat in on a music therapy session shortly after arriving at the impressive new centre in glorious sunshine.

He spent a few minutes chatting to service users who had benefited from the innovative classes. Eileen Shaw, 64, from Leeds, shared a joke with the Prince and later said the centre had helped save her life.

"He made me laugh and I made him laugh," she said. "He was talking about visualisation. I had no idea what cancer would look like but they helped me visualise it here and I saw as a welder's gun with sparks flying out of it. It killed the cancer. I've been clear since 2003 and it wouldn't dare come back now."

Charles also toured the centre's sanctuary and library during the 90-minute visit. He later told around 250 guests that the centre had helped lead the way in offering complementary therapies, which were now being accepted into the mainstream.

"Bit by bit people are becoming aware of the need to treat the whole person and that we are made of mind, body and spirit. It is not an easy thing to understand in the fragmented world in which we live."

The Prince said that people were coming round to his way of thinking in terms of agriculture, architecture and healthcare.

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