Pro-Thaksin party leads in Thai polls

The political party aligned with ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra took an early lead in Thailand's general elections Sunday, according to a partial vote count cited by local television.

Pro-Thaksin party leads in Thai polls
With 13 percent of ballots counted nationwide, the People Power Party (PPP) was expected to win 225 of the 480 seats up for grabs, Thai television reported.

PPP's closest rival, the Democrat Party, was tipped to win 154 seats, with five smaller parties dividing up the rest.

Three exit polls also predicted that PPP would win the most seats, though they differed on whether the party would get the outright majority needed to govern alone.

PPP's secretary general Surapong Suebwonglee said the party would try to form a coalition government if it fails to win more than half the seats in parliament.

But the Democrat Party could also try to snatch the premiership away from PPP by cobbling together a coalition with all five of the small parties.

Election officials expect the ballot count to be complete by midnight, with the final, official results released Monday.


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