Prosecutor named for Balkan war crimes tribunal

Serge Brammertz, currently leading a probe into the 2005 killing of a former Lebanese prime minister, has been appointed as the new prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

Prosecutor named for Balkan war crimes tribunal
The United Nations Security Council approved Brammertz for a four-year term starting on 1 January.

The court – based in The Hague in the Netherlands – is seeking to complete all trials by the end of next year and all appeals by 2010.

Belgian-born Brammertz could therefore end his term earlier if the tribunal completes all of its work. He becomes the tribunal's fifth prosecutor.

Brammertz will replace Carla Del Ponte as ICTY Prosecutor. Del Ponte and ICTY president Judge Fausto Pocar issued a joint statement welcoming the appointment and noting Brammertz's long experience as a lawyer in tackling organised crime, global terrorism, corruption and other issues.

Since early 2006, Brammertz has served as Commissioner of the International Independent Investigation Commission (IIIC) examining the February 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and other killings in the country.

Earlier this month Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced plans to appoint Daniel Bellemare of Canada to replace Brammertz.

In April 2005 the Council set up the IIIC after an earlier UN mission found that Lebanon's own inquiry into the Hariri assassination was seriously flawed and that Syria was primarily responsible for the political tensions that preceded the attack.

Hariri died in a massive car bombing in Beirut in February 2005 that also took the lives of 22 others.


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