Prosecutor to review Haneef case

Australia's chief prosecutor has said he will review the case against an Indian doctor held over the suspected failed bomb attacks in the UK.

Prosecutor to review Haneef case
Dr Mohamed Haneef, 27, was arrested on 2 July and later charged with providing support to a terrorist organisation.

But after weeks of criticism that the case is weak, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Damian Bugg, has said he will review all the evidence.

Dr Haneef has been in jail since his arrest.

In a statement, Mr Bugg said: "There are matters which have developed as this case has progressed which I am examining and a broader review of the available material and the proceedings to date is the best way to examine these matters appropriately."

Mr Bugg, who has the power to dismiss the charges against Dr Haneef, said he would make a statement once the review was completed.

Civil rights

Dr Haneef, who worked at the Gold Coast Hospital in Queensland, is accused of giving "reckless support" to terrorism by providing a relative in Britain with his mobile phone SIM card.

He has not entered a plea and remains in jail after the government cancelled his visa and ordered he be kept in immigration detention despite being granted bail by magistrates.

Dr Haneef's treatment has prompted protests by legal and civil rights groups who say he has been denied the presumption of innocence.

And the government has been angered by the leaking of a transcript of a police interview with Dr Haneef by one of his lawyers.

On Wednesday, Dr Haneef's lawyers asked prosecutors to amend the charge against him to address what they say are technical inaccuracies.

Three people have been charged so far in connection with the attacks in London and Glasgow.

Two other men arrested have been released without charge.

An inquiry was launched after two cars with petrol, nails and gas cylinders were found in London on 29 June.

A day later, a burning car loaded with gas cylinders was driven into the main terminal building at Glasgow's international airport.


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