Putin's party to nominate presidential candidate on Dec. 17

Russian President Vladimir Putin's United Russia party will nominate its presidential candidate at a congress on December 17, party leader Boris Gryzlov said Friday.

Putin's party to nominate presidential candidate on Dec. 17
"One of the first questions at the congress will be about the candidate in the presidential election and it will be considered on Dec. 17," Gryzlov told a news conference.

"Any option" is possible, he added.

Russia's constitution forbids Putin, 55, to run for a third consecutive term in the country's presidential elections in March next year, and Putin has voiced no intention to gain a third term.

It is almost certain that Putin will approve the candidate that his party proposes, analysts say, but Gryzlov is yet to reveal any of the potential candidates.

At the press conference, Gryzlov also said that his party has recommended him to continue to be United Russia's leader in parliament and speaker of the State Duma, the lower house of the parliament.

As to Putin's membership, "it is up to him to decide on the membership in the party," Gryzlov said.

United Russia, with Putin on top of its candidates' list, won a landslide victory during last weekend's parliamentary election.


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