Radioactivity containers unsealed in Japan quake

Sealed containers used to store radioactivity-contaminated clothing fell open when a powerful earthquake in Japan hit the world's biggest nuclear power plant, authorities said on Tuesday.

Radioactivity containers unsealed in Japan quake

Around 100 steel barrels sealed to store contaminated gloves and clothes tipped over within the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant and some fell open, a local official said.

The facility's operator already caused a scare when it admitted that a small amount of radioactive water was leaked outside after Monday's killer earthquake.

A few of the barrels, we don't know exactly how many, were found open, said Shoji Iida, a spokesman for Kariwa village, which hosts the nuclear facility. The condition of the area is still under investigation.

He said 800 litres (211 gallons) of oil also spilled inside the facility, but there was no radiation risk.

A spokesman for the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Inc., declined immediate comment.

But Japanese officials called Tuesday for a review of safeguards after the incident at the reactor, where a fire also blazed for hours following the quake.


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