Rain, floods claim 21 lives around the country

In many disctricts of Turkey more than 20 die when storms and rainfall hit the areas especially hard

Rain, floods claim 21 lives around the country

 Heavy rain and storms dominating the country have caused more than 20 deaths, with 14 people killed when a van they were traveling in on the Diyarbakýr-Þýrnak highway was swept away by floods.

  Mardin Governor Mehmet Kýlýçlar said the bodies of the victims were found over a wide area covering 12 kilometers.

  Also in Diyarbakýr, a river overflowed, flooding the Çýnar district, with emergency services trying to save fleeing residents from rising waters and seven other people were killed in Diyarbakýr, Þýrnak and Hakkari, authorities said. The authorities are dispatching tents, field kitchens and rescue teams to the Southeast.

  Authorities said that troops, supported by helicopters, were searching on Wednesday for several people who were reported missing across the Southeast. Floodwaters have also killed hundreds of animals and caused widespread damage to houses in several villages.

  Interior Minister Abdülkadir Aksu and Agriculture Minister Mehdi Eker visited the flood-devastated Southeast on Wednesday. Aksu said the Prime Ministry's Emergency Coordination Center and the Office of the Chief of General Staff were cooperating to bring relief supplies to the region. Aksu said damage assessment teams had already begun their work, adding, "All victims of this tragedy will be compensated for the material losses they have suffered."

  Heavy rainfall and flooding were also affecting Istanbul and the Mediterranean coast, where the road between Antalya and Mersin was blocked, reports said.

  "We are helpless," said Beykoz Mayor Muharrem Ergül. "We're trying to rescue trapped people while also trying to relieve flood waters that have inundated hundreds of houses."

  About 200 workers were trapped at a factory in Beykoz with troops, firefighters and municipality workers participating in rescue efforts, reported the Anatolia news agency.

  Yusuf Tulun, the mayor of Istanbul's Sariyer district, where a vacant house collapsed, said that rescue teams were searching through the debris after neighbors said a homeless person might have been trapped inside.

  Heavy rainfall often causes flooding in Istanbul, where construction work in low-lying areas is often carried out without the necessary precautions.

  Authorities are evacuating 10 villages in the region in which hundreds of animals, the livelihood of the people, have been lost in the last few days.

  Istanbul Governor Muammer Güler said all emergency services in the province had been placed on alert and noted that the amount of rainfall in Istanbul in the last two days was equal to the normal average rainfall. He said people who were evacuated from their homes would be housed in schools, noting that on Friday a new cold weather front would come to the region.

Source: Turkish Daily News

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