Reforms to be completed until Sep 09

Ankara maps out its own route to EU membership. Turkey will work on the suspended 8 chapters as if there was no suspension. Reforms will be completed until September 2009 in Turkey.

Reforms to be completed until Sep 09

Ankara maps outits own route to EU membership. Turkeywill work on the suspended 8 chapters as if there was no suspension. Reformswill be completed until September 2009 in Turkey.

Turkey,whose negotiation process with the European Union (EU) has been suspended in 8chapters on the grounds that it does not open its ports to Greek CypriotAdministration, maps out its own route.

Ankara nowfixed its own reform calendar without waiting EU and set an assertive target tomeet all the political criteria of the Acquis Communitaire.

Accordingly, legal arrangements related to political criteria in"Justice, Freedom and Security" and "Fundamental Rights"chapters will be completed as of October 2009.

Laws concerning charitable foundations, courts of jurisdictional disputes,public auditorship, fund raising, administrative trials, local governments,Court of Appeals and protection of family, tops the list of arrangements to becompleted by this date.

Other changes for harmonization in subjects such as "economy" and"foreign affairs" will be completed by 2013.

 Following the suspension of negotiations in 8 chapters, ForeignMinister Abdullah Gul said "should the occasion arise, we will open andclose the chapters ourselves" making clear the position of his government.

In this respect top ranking executives of public offices came together in ameeting in the first days of January.

Related institutions determined the necessary arrangements one by one. Thereport, which is formed as a result of this meeting, is expected to be madepublic in coming days.

In the draft report, it is stated that the legal arrangements regardingchapters on "Justice Freedom and Security" and "FundamentalRights" will become laws before 2009 October.

 However Ankaramight face criteria and obstacles other than those in the Acquis Communitaire,during the negotiation process. These are mostly demanded under the headingssuch as "minorities" and "freedom of belief."

The legal arrangements concerning charitable foundations are made in thisrespect, however the changes that Ankara make donot satisfy Brussels.

On the other hand Turkeywill work on the 8 chapters --that were suspended in December-- as if there wasno suspension.

For example Turkeywill pass a law regarding "signing free trade agreements with thirdcountries" by October, the work on which is currently under way in theUndersecretariat of Foreign Trade.



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