Report: CIA Financing Fatah election campaign

The Washington Post, on Sunday reported that the American government was assisting Fatah, the de facto governing party of the Palestinian Authority, with millions of dollars to cover its elections campaign.

Report: CIA Financing Fatah election campaign

The paper spoke of "discrete financial support to the Palestinian Authority to strengthen it against the Islamic Resistance group, Hamas.

According to the Washington Post, the money, a sum of $2 million, has been channeled through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The paper said the money was to be used to bolster the image of the PA by indirectly supporting the Fatah movement.

The paper added that the some of the money went to newspaper advertisements promoting Fatah.

The usually well-informed newspaper quoted a USAID official, James Bever, who is also mission director in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as saying that "we are not favoring any particular party, but we don't support parties that are on the 'terrorism list.' We are here to support the democratic process."

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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