Report: Uganda army killed kids in raid

Ugandan army raids in the country's troubled northeast killed up to 66 children who were shot or crushed by armored vehicles and stampeding animals, aid workers said Friday, citing witnesses.

Report: Uganda army killed kids in raid

Children's rights charity Save the Children said it has met with 256 people who reported the deaths during raids by the Ugandan People's Defense Force on a cattle ranch in Karamoja on February 12.

"Reports of children being killed in indiscriminate, illegal and inhumane way is absolutely devastating. Such allegations must be fully investigated and those involved brought to account," said Valter Tinderholt, country director of Save the Children in Uganda.

The army spokesman in Karamoja, Lieutenant Henry Obbo, strenuously denied the allegations, saying the reports were "misinformation" by people who had never been to the site of the alleged incident.

"The area where the battle took place is in the wilderness," he told The Associated Press. "There are no women, children or habitations for miles around, so how could we kill them?"

Karamoja is an impoverished area near Uganda's northeast border with Kenya that has been a trafficking point for small arms from Somalia. Cattle rustlers buy many of the weapons to carry out raids on villages.

For several years, President Yoweri Museveni's government has been waging an aggressive campaign to disarm the Karamojong. Last year, the

United Nations Development Program halted a voluntary disarmament program in the region amid reports of rampant rights abuses by government troops.

Save the Children called for an independent, international investigation into the reports. The charity also said it received reports that land mines were laid after the raids, creating further risks for people in the area.

Save the Children and government officials met about the issue in Kampala Thursday, the charity said, calling the meeting productive.

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