Reports: Israel, Hamas reach informal truce

Israel and Hamas have agreed on an informal truce in their fighting, media reports in Israel said Monday morning.

Reports: Israel, Hamas reach informal truce

Both sides have denied they reached any understandings, but the Israeli military has not launched any raids into, or airstrikes on, the Gaza Strip and the number of rocket attacks on southern Israel has declined sharply in recent days.

The Jerusalem Post daily quoted Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah as saying that Israel and Hamas have reached "secret understandings" to stop the attacks.

The deal was reached under the auspices of Egypt, the unnamed officials said.

The Ha'aretz daily reported that the Israeli government has ordered the military to "exercise restraint" in operations in the Gaza Strip, as a prelude to new rules under which Israel will not attack Hamas and the rocket fire stops.

The lull comes a week after a Israel's five-day bloody attacks in the Gaza Strip, during which over 120 Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes and ground operations, and in return, fighters launched the rockets and mortars at Israel.

Hamas denial

But Hamas' spokesman Ayman Taha told reporters, "The growing debate on calm (in the Gaza Strip) does not mean there is a deal or understanding."

Taha said the lull was in fact due to "field tactics away from any political agreement."


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