Rocket attack on Pakistani city

At least eight people have been killed and about 30 injured after suspected fighters fired rockets into a city in the north-west of Pakistan, police say.

Rocket attack on Pakistani city
Four rockets were fired into Bannu hitting some houses, a mosque and a shop, a police official said.

There has been increased unrest in Pakistan since security forces ousted fighters out of a radical mosque in Islamabad earlier in July.

About 180 people, mostly police and soldiers, have been killed in attacks.

Most of the unrest has been in Pakistan's north-west region.

Bannu is on the edge of the North Waziristan tribal region, a centre of support for Taleban-style fighters.

Separately, a bomb explosion reportedly damaged a high school in Miram Shah, headquarters of North Waziristan, on Wednesday morning, but no casualties were reported.

Suspected fighters have also killed two Pakistani soldiers whom they had kidnapped from the Khaar area on Monday, our correspondent in Islamabad says.

The army said on Monday that it had killed 35 fighters in North Waziristan near the border with Afghanistan.

The mosque assault prompted fighters along the border to scrap controversial peace accords with the government.


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