Rockets hit Baghdad's international airport

A barrage of rockets slammed into Baghdad's international airport and an adjoining US military base Monday, killing five civilians and wounding 16, including two US soldiers, officials and witnesses said.

Rockets hit Baghdad's international airport
The deaths and injuries of the civilians occurred when Katyusha rockets crashed into a workers' housing complex within the perimeter of the airport, residents said.

Many houses were damaged.

"Eight Iraqis, including six children, were taken to a coalition force medical clinic for treatment," the US military said in a statement.

It said rockets also struck areas of Camp Victory US military base adjoining the airport.

Six suspects were arrested in the immediate aftermath of the attack, the military said.

Twelve 107 mm rockets fell in and around the airport and the nearby Camp Victory, the main US military base on the western outskirts of Baghdad, the US military official said, speaking on anonymity of anonymity ahead of the official release of the information.

He said Camp Victory was hit and two soldiers suffered light injuries but that most of the casualties were in a housing complex for airport employees, about half a mile from the airport. Camp Victory, on the western outskirts of Baghdad, is the site of the main US military headquarters.

Iraqi police earlier reported that six to 13 rockets also struck the US-protected Green Zone on Monday afternoon, but the US military official denied that report.

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