Romanian, Serb leaders meet over Kosovo

Romanian President Traian Basescu received his Serbian counterpart Boris Tadic for talks Thursday which quickly went to the controversy over Kosovo's declaration of independence.

Romanian, Serb leaders meet over Kosovo
Basescu urged Serbia not 'to isolate itself' in its actions in opposition to the Kosovo move, a reference to the steps Belgrade has taken to recall ambassadors from countries which have officially recognized the new state.

Tadic, however, said that Serbia aimed to 'reduce' its diplomatic cooperation with those countries which recognized Kosovo.

He thanked Romania for not recognizing Kosovo.

He said also that Belgrade's means would be peaceful. His country would 'never again wage war,' Tadic said.

Basescu strongly urged Tadic to hold a dialogue with the West.

'As a friend of the Serbs I urge you to maintain your connections with the governments of the European states,' the Romanian president said in apparent refrence to Belgrade starting to recall ambassadors from nations recognizing Kosovo's independence.

Serbia should not isolate itself, Basescu said. 'All the European capitals are prepared to talk with Belgrade,' he added.

Tadic was also scheduled to meet Thursday with Romanian Premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu and speaker of parliament Bogdan Olteanu.

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