Ruling party wins Algeria local elections: minister

Algeria's ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) won Thursday's local elections on a turnout of 43 percent, Interior Minister Yazid Zerhouni said Friday.

Ruling party wins Algeria local elections: minister

Zerhouni said that voter participation was relatively high considering the heavy rains and flooding which has battered the north of Algeria since the weekend.

The figure was above the record low of 35 percent of registered voters who took party in May's parliamentary election in Algeria.

The elections were fought by 23 parties and numerous independents. Unlike the previous contest five years ago, no party was calling for a boycott this time.

The FLN, which used to be the single legal party, took the majority of seats at stake, followed by the liberal National Democratic Rally, one of its two partners in the governing alliance loyal to President Abdelaziz Bouteflike.

However its other partner, the Islamic Society for Peace Movement, was beaten by the centrist National Algerian Front, which only made its electoral breakthrough in the May polls.

Most competing parties expressed their satisfaction with the smooth running of the two ballots, for municipalities and departments.

The secular opposition Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) spokesman said that as far as they were concerned "this time it was perfect."

The RCD has often warned of electoral fraud in the past, and warned its activists to be on guard against any ballot manipulation during the election campaign.


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