Russia to host next int'l conference on Mideast peace: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday his country would host the coming international conference on Middle East peace.

Russia to host next int'l conference on Mideast peace: Lavrov
The participants in the just-ended Annapolis conference hailed Russia's suggestion to host the coming conference, Lavrov told local reporters here upon his return from the United States.

The concerned parties have yet to decide the date and agenda of the next meeting, he pointed out.

Commenting on Iran's recent announcement of the development of a ballistic missile, with a range of 2,000 km, the Russian minister said the proliferation of missile technology is cause for concern.

Meanwhile, he blamed the western countries for failure to settle Iran's nuclear dossier and acknowledge Iran's positive overtures in this regard.

Lavrov warned against further isolation and alienation of Iran, calling for dealing with the nuclear issue on professional basis away from politicization.

As for the US missile defense system, the minister hailed the recent US moves as retreat from the position indicated during the meeting of the ministers of defense and foreign affairs of the two countries in Moscow in October.

Moscow voiced concern about the suggestion to deploy the missile defense system across eastern European countries and threatened to withdraw from the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW).

Lavrov also criticized western countries for failure to sign and implement the amended Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE). Such a position can not last for long, the Russian said, adding that his country was the only party that abided by the CFE.

Russia has recently decided to suspend commitment to the CFE as of December 12.


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