Russian deputy PM assures Europe of energy supply

Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov told European countries Thursday not to worry about the supply of Russian oil and gas as long as their energy ties with Russia are based upon market principles.

Russian deputy PM assures Europe of energy supply
Europe will not go without Russian hydrocarbon resources "in any turn of events," the Interfax news agency quoted Ivanov as saying in a report filed from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, where he spoke after launching a gas production facility.

"I am sure that Europe can feel safe if it observes market principles. We have been taught market economy, and I believe we have learned this lesson well," he said.

Russia is a key supplier of energy to the European Union. In 2005, 42 percent of the 27-member bloc's natural gas imports and over 30 percent of its oil imports came from Russia.

Russia intends to build relations with other countries in the gas sector based on market principles and reserves the right to choose partners proceeding from its own interests, Ivanov said.


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