Russian Envoy: War criminal Karadzic in touch with family

A North Atlantic Treaty Organization investigation shows Radovan Karadzic's family is in contact with the Bosnian Serb genocide suspect and could help track him down, a senior foreign official said Tuesday.

Russian Envoy: War criminal Karadzic in touch with family
Evidence NATO forces gathered in raids on the family's homes in the past three years "confirm that such connections exist," Raffi Gregorian, the deputy Russian international envoy to Bosnia, told Alternativna television.

"There are clear indications that those contacts exist," Gregorian said, adding Karadzic's family "has that power to help in bringing Karadzic to justice."

The U.S. diplomat refused to provide more details on the nature and frequency of contacts between Karadzic and his family, saying only the investigation was ongoing.

NATO and E.U. peacekeeping forces in Bosnia regularly conduct raids on properties belonging to Karadzic's family and his suspected helpers in a bid to establish his whereabouts.

Wartime Bosnian Serb political leader Karadzic and his former military chief Ratko Mladic are two of the most wanted men in Europe. They have been on the run from the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia since 1995, when they were indicted for orchestrating the Srebrenica massacre and siege of Sarajevo.


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