Russia's FM: no proof that Iran ever had nuclear weapons program

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that there was no proof that Iran has ever run a nuclear weapons program.

Russia's FM: no proof that Iran ever had nuclear weapons program
Data that we have seen don't allow to say with certainty that Iran has ever had a nuclear weapons proram,' Lavrov said, asked to comment on the US intelligence report saying that Iran suspended its efforts to develop nuclear weapons in 2003.

He hinted that the US acknowledgement that Iran now isn't running a nuclear weapons program would affect Washington's push for a new set of UN sanctions against Iran.

We will assess the situation regarding a new UN Security Council resolution taking into account all these facts, including the US confirmation that it has no information about the existence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran,' Lavrov told reporters after talks with his Armenian counterpart.

We have no information that such efforts had been conducted before 2003, even though our American colleagues said it was so,' Lavrov said.

Lavrov said that the International Atomic Energy Agency should continue its work in Iran to clarify all outstanding issues related to Teheran's nuclear program.

On Tuesday, Russia's President Vladimir Putin told Iran's top nuclear negotiator that Teheran's nuclear program should be transparent and remain under control of the UN nuclear watchdog.


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